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Would you want a doctor or a lawyer for President?

Just another one of those 'imbedded questions' by one of the 'Ron Paul Gang"! I know who I would trust to cure the country's ailments!

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Answers (10):

1. fuzzy_bunnies19722002boobmagnet
Depends on the doctor and the lawyer.
2. kittana
A Lawyer simply coz Doctors have no time when they start caring for peoples health and the president wud end up checking each n everybodys pulse now thats not gonna be convenient. Also doctors r supposedly not to be monsters in disguise lol whereas lawyers r trained to be right from the very beginning ;-) So yea to get a strict rule and some order a lawyer president sounds great then the doctor.

But in the end it depends how the candidates are as individual entities. So if they have wat it takes to run the Country then why not either of these professionals can do the rightful work.
3. Stochastic
Neither. We need a financial genius as president to fix the mess created by overspending that has made our national debt so enormous.

The only candidate who can fix this problem is Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is good at solving problems--hard problems. He is also a very ethical person. What more could we want for president? Smart, Problem-Solver, and Ethical.

I like Ron Paul too. He is a very good guy, and I would be happy to see him as president too. All I am saying is that right now our country needs a problem solver. And that is Mitt Romney who fills that role.
4. sarge927
A doctor would be fine. We already had a lawyer sit in the Oval Office and insult the country's collective intelligence by saying things like "It depends on what your definition of 'is' is." Nope, don't need another lawyer running the country, especially not a lawyer who is married to the aforementioned lawyer who made a mockery of the Presidency.
5. Dan K
Just remember, both Clintons are former lawyers. They were disbarred in their home state for illegal goings on, but the press somehow finds this insignificant. And Kerry is a former lawyer as well. Probably an ambulance-chaser/public defender of deviants and such. Maybe he defended Kennedy after he had that girl drowned. Anyway, Ron Paul is just another dem in republican clothing.
TO STEVEH: You are obviously blinded by your own idealogy. You asked an open-ended question then flipped out because an answer didn't concur with your own opinion. Remember, all politicians are loyal to particular interest groups. They are in politics for their own gain and could care less about the populus!
6. Jeancommunicates
I believe we need a General. How can a doctor or lawyer help us? We need someone strong enough to unite this country. The economy will take care of itself. It always has. America knows how to make money because we tap the source. The Source is God. As long as I can remember my father and grandfather whose word was their bond knew God was their protection and provision. God hasn't changed.
7. Rodrigo Pinto
I think a lawyer is the top choice for President, because a lawyer knows how the legal structure of the country works, and a lawyer also what is right to do or not. A President must be a lawyer because when a President is not a lawyer it can fall in various mistakes because of his/her ignorance about law limitations in the exercise of his/her rule in office. A lawyer can make a difference because he/she knows about how to run a country between the legal structure of the country!

Good Luck and hope this answer helps you to solve your doubt in the best way possible!

See ya!
8. Jerry C
In reality does it matter what the person elected did for a living before hand? I mean would you feel better if the new President was an IT professional with a hobby of studying volcanoes and desperate desire to see a colony on the moon and mars?

If so, then you can send me your campaign contributions and I will announce myself as the first candidate from the new Republocrat party.

Just to help you along here is where I stand on the issues:

Abortion, I think its woman’s right to do with her body what she wants to do. Though I think late term abortions should be illegal. Anyone that wants a late term abortion can give the child up for adoption instead.

Death penalty, I think we should kill everyone on death row tomorrow. We also need to stop the endless appeals that people get.

Lesser crimes, I think crimes like auto theft and robbery should require a minimum of 10 years in jail.

Rape, a convicted rapist will be castrated.

Pedophiles, I think that anyone that molests a child should be given the death penalty.

Environment, I think the US needs to switch to a hydrogen based economy now. GM is about to blow the doors off of big oil companies with the new GM volt. Stricter emissions laws will be put into place for power plants and 25% of the nations power will have to come from renewable sources in the next 10 years. 50% will have to come from renewable sources in 20 years.

Education, I think the US needs to double what it spends per student. No more subsidizing private schools. If you run a private school then its up to you to pay for it, not the government.

Immigration, This is so simple. Everyone that’s in the country illegally has 30 days to leave. If they don't and they are caught then they will be used as laborers to build a new 100-foot high wall along the entire US/Mexico border. The new wall will be just as deep as it is tall and will be covered by guard towers and video surveillance along its entire length.

The ability to enter the country and gain legal status has to be made cheaper and faster so that those people that do want to come here and work can do so more easily.

Employers that are caught using illegals will lose their business. A minimum 10-year stay in jail will be required. No fine will be assessed since the government will now own their business.

Drugs, Certain drugs will be legalized for medicinal purposes. Recreational drugs will be legal in the state of Nevada, but you will have to acquire a drug users permit.

Military, military pay will be increased by 50% for enlisted persons and 20% for officers. People in the military will go back to the old medical coverage system. So all healthcare is paid for by the government. In addition soldiers will be allowed to see any doctor they feel comfortable seeing. Standard rates will be paid for service rendered to soldiers or their dependants.

Nationwide ID, nationwide driver license/ID cards will replace all state licenses/ID cards. The ID will have your biometric data encrypted on it.

Voting, everyone will be required to submit their National ID before they can vote.

Healthcare, everyone under the age of 18 will be covered by the government. This coverage will include health, dental and eye care.

Lawsuits, limits will be placed on everything. I am sorry, but you don't deserve $6.1 million because you were stupid enough to spill hot coffee on your lap. Malpractice will be capped at a maximum payout of $750,000. Lawsuits filed over and over by activist groups will result in fines and jail terms for the leaders of those groups. Those jail terms will be 30 days per offense.

War, the people of the United States will vote on a declaration of war. Either the entire country agrees and shows it with a popular vote or we simply don't do it.

Foreign policy, The US will maintain free trade within this hemisphere. Imports and exports outside of the Americas will require tariffs. Imports from or exports to countries that do not have fair labor laws will be forbidden.

Cuba, The US will normalize relations with Cuba and will help undo the damage that we have inflicted on that country.

Hugo Chavez, the US will not allow imports from or exports to Venezuela. Any country in the Americas that does business with Venezuela will be subject to the same thing.

That’s all for now, if you wish to vote for or support my candidacy by all means let me know.
9. freedom_vs_slavery
We've never had a former doctor as president according to this link.
Ron Paul would be a great president, but the socialist Democrats would impeach him right after his inaugural speech.
10. crazy2all
I want to vote for Jerry C!!! Other than the wall between us and Mexico he's right on the money!