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Would you hire a lawyer?

A woman slammed her utility vehicle into my car as I sat at a red light. In effect, my car hit the one in front of me, and that car hit the one in front of him. Well I was hurt, nothing life threatening, I don't think. I did suffer a lacerated liver, I was so badly bruised up however, I had to stay in the bed...

Answers (10):

1. ahsoasho2u2
1) Woman is at fault,
2) Insurance Companies at fault are always going to wait you out, they are the big guys, big bill too pay here so they will wait you out, they have time, resources and money.
3) Police report says she at fault, not much to dispute, as the office at the scene is the EXPERT WITNESS.
4) 1/3 is good that is 2/3 or 66% for you, also can deduct lawyers fee earned from taxes if taxed in your state.
5) At 1/3 I do not feel an attorney is going to settle for 1500 to get 500 via negotiations.
6) At least a loss you have is collateral damages (Daughters loss is a direct result of the accident, Pain suffering, Emotional distress, not settling or negotiating ???)
7) Another thing to look at is Why do we have to have insurance by State law, if they are not going to do anything except avoid the inevitable.
8) This was not your fault, but you are made to suffer, a rental car should ave been provide so you could find a car?
9) Your lawyer can bring down big money from this. Do not know about all the details of the daughters Boss, but, the FEMLA allows for an employee to be allowed up to 12 weeks off for family emergencies a year? A good attorney would add your daughters loss as a loss that should have been covered by this BIG CAR DEALERSHIP who probably touts about how good they are to the customers, heck if they treat employees this way

Definitely get an attorney for 1/3 (331/3%) many are 60 / 40 on malpractice suits.
2. Bob M
If the ONLY person issued with a Traffic Violation was the woman who hit you from behind, you will (in time) be compensated for all of the monetary losses incurred by you as a result of the accident. Then there's all of the additional "non out of pocket expenses" that you will also be awarded: eg. emotional and physical pain, loss of income etc etc.

Unfortunately, in the meantime and before the case is settled, you will most likely have to support yourself any way you can.

If you're already receiving Disability Payments, speak to Welfare about obtaining an advance payment to purchase a replacement vehicle. This will assist your daughter to find another job and the advance payment can be repaid with small monthly deductions from your normal fortnightly or monthly benefits that Welfare pay to you. It won't incur any Interest Charges as it's not a Loan - it's an Advance Payment.

Find a Lawyer and negotiate his costs based on a percentage of your eventual Settlement For Damages. His percentage should be restricted to only the "non-material" part of the award that you're eventually given.

Insurance Companies world wide, are generally not in the habit of paying out money very fast, so don't hold your breath for a quick Settlement. To make matters worse, the slow process of the Insurance Company settling quickly will also be aggravated by the fact that the woman who caused the accident is pleading innocent.

Good luck and don't forget --------- speak to Welfare about an advance payment to buy a car.
3. dixie2cu
I live in Alabama so I am not sure if car insurance is any different in TN. But I had something like this happen to me and my insurance company took care of everything. Your insurance company should be working to help you out and they should have already given you a check if the car is beyond repair and paid for you a rental car until you can get a new car. They should be the ones dealing with the other insurance company to get all the money back that they have given you because it is the woman's fault if she hit you from behind she can't get out of that one. If you did not have insurance then you will have to get a lawyer because insurance company's do not like to pay out money and they will drag it out as long as they can.

Liability insurance only covers the other person not you. Your insurance company will not go after the other insurance company with just liability. If I were you and I could, I would go down to the insurance company office and talk to who ever owned it and let them know what is going on. If you are dealing with an agent that is just working there more than likely the owner does not know how ugly they are being. If in that case nothing was done I would let them know I was leaving there and going Straight to my lawyers office and hand it over to them that I was tired of dealing with it and that they would not just have to pay for the car that was damaged but all the money loss because of what went on plus your daughters pay and for losing her job. You should get quite a sum because car insurance company's are suppose to settle asap.
4. no one
First of all, who was cited at the scene by the police?
That is who takes on all the monetary cost and damages. Even if they have to use your insurance to get some things going, like a rental car, it won't count against you but yes, you hire a lawyer and let them handle it for you.
Lost wages, doctor bills, rental cars.....whew, that woman will be broke for a loooong time.
5. LadyCatherine
does your insurance cover a rental car..? what bills you have to have before a law suite is finished would be/might be covered by the other person.. so if you can ,get a rental and they would have to pay you back..

what does your insurance say about your car.. you said it was totaled, are they offering you any money for it.. ? this would eliminate the storage fees ..

and yes, you need a lawyer..
6. Ladyitch
After reading everything you stated here,,the one thing that stuck out was "the lady was given a ticket for the wreck"... simple enough,,,get yourself a Lawyer and go after the "twit"...I wonder what her driving record looks like?

and as for that 2 year,,it won't take that long for a judgment/settlement,,it's a 2 year window you have to sick a Lawyer on her "responsibilities" as a decent citizen.
Good Luck to you and your family~
p.s. if she is disabled she shouldn't be driving!...period!!
7. Marco
Definitely, hire a Lawyer
8. BruceN
Definitely get a lawyer. Find the best and negotiate for 25%.
9. Tigger
There is a lot to know in a case like this and lawyers know how to handle it all. I would cuz I don't know anything about legal matters...
10. ?
Yes, lawyer can help

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