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Why did Robespierre turned into a tyrant when he was such a good lawyer...?

... And had such great view of justice? I mean, he was known as "the incorruptible". If he was so, why did he let himself turn into a tyrant?

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Answers (2):

1. ammianus
Lawyers as a group are parasites,preying on the system and prepared to argue both sides of a case equally well - as long as they are paid to do so.Most of them have no morals,no scruples,and no conscience - and those are their good points.

Robespierre seized control of the Committee of Public Safety and used it to have his political opponents,the Girondists,arrested and executed because he was afraid they would take power from his own Jacobite faction.The reasons for his actions are self interest,nothing more,nothing less,without concerns for the morality of what he was doing.So,typical for a lawyer.

The "power tends to corrupt..." quote comes from a letter written by Lord Acton in 1877,and is referring to powerful individuals in general throughout history,rather than a specific person or a specific period or event.
2. Brian
Joke first: Why don't sharks eat lawyers? Professional courtesy.

Good lawyer? Doesn't exist.

The whole point is that he began to believe his own press. I am sure that there are several things that you could find online that would detail his progression. But power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. (I suspect that this phrase was written with The French Revolution in mind.)