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Who is the best immigration lawyer in Tampa, FL?

I need a few recommendations on which Lawyer is a pro at handling any immigration issues.

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When choosing an immigration law attorney, research the firm’s background thoroughly. Choose a few different law firms to start with and contact each firm, inquiring about what services each offers, such as Visa issuance, legal or illegal US aliens, Green Card application permits, legal citizenship, regulation, international passport issuance, and permanent or temporary residency. When you interview each one, ask for references if applicable, contact information, rates, written quotes for services, and an outline of the attorney-client privilege. Ask how long the law firm has been in practice and whether it is a local, national or multinational entity. Make sure the immigration law attorney or lawyer you choose is properly licensed in your state and has taken the necessary state law exams. Get detailed outlines of costs. Some law firms and attorneys will perform pro bono work for their clients, but most charge fees, billable by the hour. If your case is very involved, with a possibility of going to court trial, be prepared to spend more. To make sure you find the best immigration law attorney or lawyer for you as a citizen, take a drive by the firm’s location to get a feel for physical appearance and integrity. Chat with the staff to see if they are courteous. Keep in mind the firm’s availability, hours, and services. You need immigration law attorneys that can accommodate your schedule and give the necessary representation and attention to your legal case. Remember to choose an attorney that meets your specific needs, such as Visa and Green Card permits, residence, or citizenship. When considering how to find the right immigration law attorney, firm or office for you, check out a few different firms before committing to a law firm, asking about rates, service, availability, firm history and location.

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Who is the best immigration lawyer in Tampa, FL?
I need a few recommendations on which Lawyer is a pro at handling any immigration issues.

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