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Who is one of the best custody lawyers in tampa fl?

My daughter needs a family law attorney. She is not married, but lives with the father. They are about to break up and the father is telling her that the baby will live with him and she can visit whenever she wants. We need a very good attorney to keep the custody in check.

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1. CaCO3Girl
Go down to the court house, in the county that the child has lived in for the last 6 months, and ask around there...or go observe family court and find a lawyer you like and ask for their card.

In the interim, it is a little known secret that only the state of Arizona gives unmarried fathers any rights. Technically speaking your daughter has default custody of the child. The state of Florida is SURE that child came out of her, and therefor she is legally recognized as the mother...but until the father files paperwork, and it is approved by the Judge, at the court house he is not the legal father of that child...regardless of biology.

Most police don't know the actual law, but if she ever runs into a problem with the father taking the baby....as embarrassing as it might be.....all she has to say is "I don't even know if he is the REAL father, and we haven't been to court yet for a DNA test". And POOF any rights the father thought he had just went out the window. That should only be used for extreme cases, as it is best to work this out between them, but if she has been the primary care taker of the child....she takes them to the wellness checks, she feeds them, she bathes them, she gets up at night with them....then she IS the primary care taker and the courts will award the baby to her.

Now if the roles are reversed and HE is actually the one doing all of that stuff, or a majority of it, then she might have a tough time in court.

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