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Which one of casey's lawyers do you hate the most?

I think chaney mason is a very viscious man. i think he's the meanest one of the dirt bags that represented her.

I live in fl, and the trial was aired 100% down here and I watched 95% of it, missing only minor witnesses and I and others here, believe she did it.

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Answers (4):

1. Broms
What hate any of them? The foundation of the American legal system is that every person accused of a crime is entitled to a vigorous defense, and the foundation of the legal profession is that an attorney is ethically obligated to provide the best defense possible for a client. Casey Anthony's lawyers did their job.
You want to blame somebody? Blame the prosecutors who presented such a lousy case.
2. The Chair Wizard X is CLOSER TO THE EDGE
All of them. Jusge Judy secretly despises lawyers.
3. Gone
I don't hate any of em and if I ever need a good lawyer I hope they are available. Cuz christomatic she surely killed that kid.
4. Nikki
All of them especially Baez & Mason .