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Where can I find a LAWYER in Bristol, Ct. that will take our case?

Pertaining to the question before this one... I have gone BACK to the Meineke place and asked what they will do. They gave me a FREE oil change and stated they cleaned my engine and all the oil that splattered, there was still some left behind. They also gave me a free oil change card. WOWEEE... (disgusted)....

Answers (4):

1. ft3535
look in the yellow pages for your states bar association
and then call them give them some info, and they will give you a few to chose from
good luck
2. ?
You need to have a mechanic verify that the oil change place screwed up and then present that information to the manager of the site along with an estimate for repairs. If that doesn't work, you may have to sue, but I would try small-claims first as a lawyer's fees would cost more than the repairs.
3. crossbones668
Before you spend $200 an hour on a lawyer, take it to another mechaic for an evaluation. You may find it is cheaper just to fix it yourself and move on than to pursue a matter that costs you more than it is worth. Remember, the court system has very little to do with justice, and a lot to do with law.

If you still want a lawyer, go to www.martindale.com, and look for lawyers with an AV rating.
4. aa_elrayess
You are better off going to a "small cases" court without a lawyer.

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