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Where & who are the lawyers that well sue police deptartments?

state bar well not let me contact it. i even offer $ to people to give referals. have phoned thousamnds of lawyers & ferms. i can not pay what is required. if i have mour than $2,000 my social securty & insurance well be stoped. can find no pro bono or contingcy lawyer. lawyers send letters emails & on phons say...

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Answers (2):

1. upnorthikwe78
There are lawyers who specialize in police misconduct cases. Most of these lawyers will take a legit case on contigency....meaning they will represent someone for free. If the client receives money, they will take a cut.

Police misconduct cases that get heard in court or are taken by such lawyers, usually have very extreme elements to them. For instance, I worked in a criminal defense law firm for several years. We would have people come in daily who were treated badly by the cops. The only ones we would refer to the police misconduct lawyers were ones who came in with broken bones, carvings in their skin, etc. Injuries had to be pretty extreme.

No offense, but it sounds if you are getting shut down so much, you really don't have a case. I'm sure this is frustrating to you because you feel victimized, but as the previous person answered...if you had a case, lawyers and the media would be knocking down your door.
2. Citicop
If you had a legitimate case and a shot of winning, there would be a hundred lawyers who would be beating down your door to help you and take this case.