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Whats the best place in oklahoma to become a lawyer?

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1. A R
Above poster is 100% correct, but I'll add my $.02. I'm from Oklahoma City, went to undergrad in Oklahoma and am a 2L at an out of state law school (T2 if you're a ratings snob).

I'm going to disagree somewhat with the assessment that OCU and TU aren't worthwhile. While it is true that OU has the best rankings according to the US News rankings, it is also true that that is recent - not long ago, OU law did not, to say the least, enjoy a good reputation, and it has not been in the top 100 for that long. Point is, in Oklahoma City (I have no idea about Tulsa, never lived there, but I'm guessing it's similar), OCU has a surprisingly good reputation, to the point I've run into multiple people who think it's a better law school than OU. Law students & schools might be obsessed with rankings, but people outside the law aren't - they just know their region and their personal experiences with lawyers. OCU is private, though, and expensive (OU, however, is very reasonable, price-wise), and you should certainly consider where you want to practice no matter where you attend - if you go to law school anywhere in OK, you're likely stuck in Oklahoma or Texas for a few years at the least.
2. CPG
There are only three law schools in Oklahoma: Tulsa, Oklahoma City and the University of Oklahoma. The latter of three is the only one worth going to, the other two are tier four law schools.

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