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What is the punishment for a misdemeanor criminal damage? Do I need a lawyer? I have no priors..Chicago, IL?

This happened outside of a bar and I was intoxicated...Will the judge take this into account? Do I need a lawyer?

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Answers (4):

1. wartz
Yes you need a lawyer. He may be able to keep your butt out of jail.
2. Leslie S
Was the damage less then $750? Then it is a misdo. You can also tell by what court you were sent to or if you were allowed to bond out of the local district lockup it was a misdo charge.
If it is a felony get a lawyer no matter what.
Go to court, If the victim does not show up chances are the case will be SOL(stricken on leave to reinstate). If the victim does not come to the court or state's attorney to get the case reinstated before 90 days it is over.
If the victim does show up get a waiver for a lawyer, right there and then and take the "bar association" lawyer who is assigned to the court. If you truly cannot afford a lawyer tell the judge and he will decide if you get a PD.
Either one will negotiate a suspended sentence (if you truly have to record) or at least probation. You will likely have to pay the victim for the damage. If so you can get supervision pending payment and you then basically have no record. Supervision is not a conviction in Illinois.
3. zo
If you have no priors, then you should be ok. You should probably still retain an attorney, remember in Illinois, a misdemeanor can get you locked up for up to 364 days or a fine. If what u say about your record is true, then you should probably be hit with a fine if you plead guilty or cut a deal with the states attorney. If the complainant doesn't show for court though, you could plead innocent and they will most likely drop the charges...Also remember that if you have a job, you will most likely not be eligible for a public defender.
4. chasty414
ahh a public defender will be suffice. No jail time just a fine maybe probation non reporting.

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