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What gives LGBT groups and advocates the right to promote?

a homosexual agenda (that many people find offensive and dangerous), while expressing an opposite opinion is demonized? If you say free speech, explain how that right of free speech does not apply to expressing an opinion or making comments that are considered "anti - gay" or "homophobic". ...

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1. Blue Eyed Christian
Interesting that you should mention the agenda. People so often say "there is no homosexual agenda". This guy disagrees. And he's someone who'd know.


Anyway, they have the same right to wriggle their way into public schools and push their agenda that religious groups do. I disagree with the push to shame and silence anyone who has a problem with homosexuality though. It would appear that these groups, like feminists, feel that the best way to get rights for their own group is to squash and shame anyone who stands in their way.

I don't think that anyone should be promoting sexuality of any kind in schools. For that matter, they shouldn't be condemning either - sex ed should cover the basics (human reproduction, birth control, puberty) and nothing more. Let them draw their own conclusions and take their questions home to their parents or to some other trusted adult (or the internet) rather than having teachers telling them what's right and wrong. School should not be an indoctrination center for molding children into adults who hold correct, government-sanctioned views. I don't care what group with what agenda wants into the school; it should not be permitted. Kids are there to learn. Schools should teach facts and actual educational material - reading, writing, math, history, science, etc. - and enforce respectful behaviour while students are on school property. Beyond that, interest groups should just stick to holding rallies and stuff instead of trying to "get them while they're young".

Parents should be the ones teaching their kids about sex and morality, and addressing their behaviour towards other people. I for one don't want someone else imposing their moral opinions on my children...they're *my* kids, and I don't want social activist groups of any kind attempting to indoctrinate my kids and teach them stuff that I may not agree with. Nor do I want them being told that mommy and daddy are bigots or haters because of something we believe or think. They have no right to do that to people and to mess with families like that.

This is one of the reasons why we chose to homeschool our kids rather than putting them in public school. We don't want someone else's morals imposed on them. They are smart, polite, and accepting of other people's differences, so I'd say we're doing okay too.

Note: I don't hate homosexuals, and I think it's really important to teach kids to accept one another rather than bullying kids who are different. I think it's important to make sure they understand, as they get older, that other people's sexuality is not their business and that they shouldn't be hating on other teens because of the way they act or who they have a crush on. But I want to be the one responsible for discussing the topic with my children when I think they are ready to learn about it and in the way that we feel is best rather than leaving it up to a stranger with an agenda (or peers who aren't being taught anything at home by their parents). I feel the same way about my kids learning about heterosexual sex. It's a sensitive issue. And it's the responsibility of me and my husband to teach them about it, nobody else's.
2. Lucas Hunter
If you find the LGBT opinions offensive or demonizing than that is your prerogative. They aren't asking that everyone gets over their apprehensions about homosexuality, they are merely asking for tolerance and equality from society. Whether or not you approve of someone's sexual orientation does not give you the right to degrade them nor should their sexual orientation have any bearing on the are viewed. And what is dangerous about homosexuality, please don't say the AIDS argument because we all know that its not as though AIDS is running rampant through LGBT communities. If anything it is the intolerance and homophobia that society has developed that is putting the LGBT community in danger. Some people need to pull their heads out of their asses and realize that someone's sexual orientation has almost no effect on their lives.