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What does a good child support lawyer in NC usually cost?

What does a good child support lawyer in NC usually cost? I would like to file a civil suit for 8 yrs of back child support. The father disapeared soon after I became pregnant and I have been trying to find him and establish paternity and child support for 8 yrs. Finally found him and we live in different states....

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1. newyorkgal71
You won't know until you meet with the lawer and discuss your case. At that time, he will tell you what must be done, and how much it will cost you.
2. Starshine747
The state is no help, at least not in my case. You may be able to file through the clerk of court at the court house..I would ask and find out. Most lawyers I know start anywhere from $250-$500. My court order was included with my divorce. Good Luck. I've been waiting 3 years for my deadbeat to pay.

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