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What do lawyers in Miami, FL get payed at large law firms?

I'm looking to become a lawyer, because I am very intelligent and have great persuasive skills, however I also am looking to live a luxury lifestyle, live in a hot and sunny place, and be happy,. I have heard first year law firm associates at biglaw firms get payed an upwards of 160,000$. Can you please confirm...

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1. Jacob M.
That used to be the case in places like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, etc. Such jobs are few and far between. In fact, the field is rather over-saturated and many graduating from even the best law schools are having troubles finding jobs that pay half of the used-to-be standard at Big Law firms.
2. lucy
Dream on.

My husband who has practiced law for over 40 years in Indiana, wanted to retire in Florida. But, since Florida is not reciprocal with Indiana, to practice law there, he would have to re-take the bar exam in Florida to practice, which after 40 years, no lawyer wants to re-take the bar exam.

So what happens is that a lot of lawyers who move there from cold states, end up being para legals, and they have a glut of para legals who were former lawyers.

Any lawyer making that kind of money, is most likely a partner in a big firm, that has practiced for years and has built a lot of clientele as his clients.

According to this site, appears they pay below average and shows ranges of $67 to $104,000, but that would be with lawyers with experience.

Most new lawyers will be working 7 days a week, am guessing at least 80 hours a week, since you will be a "grunt".

The law field is saturated with too many law school graduates unemployed, working as bar tenders or doing temp work.

Like I said, dream on. Remember law school can put you in debt for over $200,000.
3. Mindy
The word is "paid", not "payed".

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