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What are the differents types of lawyers?

What are the different types of lawyers and the top five law schools in the us?

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1. Gardeniagirl
There are many types of lawyers. There are Criminal, Civil, Maritime, Insurance Defense, Immigration, Elder Law, and many, many more different types of specialty law degrees in which you can become Board Certified. You can't say that any school produces the best lawyers...it depends on how hard the law student studies and "swallows" the information contained the textbooks. There are many excellent schools in the U.S. in which to obtain a law degree. Try looking up top law schools on Google or Ask.com and you will see law schools such as Columbia, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, University of Chicago, Berkeley at Cal, University of Texas at Austin, Baylor, Duke, Georgetown, Michigan, etc. They all have good law schools, some better than others, and to get a J.D., you had better have plenty of money because law school isn't cheap and it isn't an easy degree. If you don't pass your State Bar exam on the first try, then that's a very good sign that you aren't going to be a really good lawyer, although, in most states, you are given three tries to pass the State Bar Exam.