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What accident injury lawyer is best in Charlotte NC?

I was hit by a Big Rig, and have been through hell with the wrong doctors and lawyers getting paid off by the trucks insurance company. I am in such horrible pain and cant work and just need someone who will work hard for me. Thank you!

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1. packlawyer
The law firm of Hendren and Malone in Raleigh handles significant cases across NC. Check their website at www.hendrenmalone.com for more information and links to contact them immediately. Good luck to you.
2. Joe Soap
Consider calling a lawyer in another city where you can be sure that they aren't connected with anyone. also, try a small law firm. Durham Lawyer, Jared Pierce, at Pierce Law Offices should be able to help you. Pierce is a small firm with awesome staff. (919)313-2729 and the website is www.piercelawnc.com.

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