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Whar do i need to to become a lawyer?

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1. Charlie Bravo
if you haven't started college yet, go to college and get a prelaw degree (or a degree that will help you get a position as a business lawyer). keep your grades UP...and I do mean ABOVE A 3.5 grade point average in college.

If you are already in college..finish out your degree.

Then study study study for the LSAT exam....then take the exam...PASS IT with flying colors...

then find a REPUTABLE law school that will give you a good education...one that is well known to many people (Stanford, SMU, Harvard, Duke, UT, etc). Once you get in do yourself a BIG favor...and finish with good grades. (Don't forget the fact law school is expensive...so be sure to secure a college loan, Stafford or Federal, before you enroll. Once you are finished with law school then take the Bar Exam.

Try to aim to be a business lawyer...or an environmental lawyer...those pay WELL...you could go into private practice...but you are better off being a used car salesman (and probably would make more money as a sales person actually...so stick with the fields that could land you in a more prominent role, as opposed to one that chases "ambulances" for a living.

Good luck.
2. loligo1
A degree from a certified accredited Law school and pass the bar exam in what ever state you wish to practice.
3. shanthicharuvil
u shud distinguish rish people from the poor....not right from the wrong..this is one of the greatest quality a successful lawyer shud have
4. Steven B
You need to have an operation to remove your conscience, morals, & ethics. Then learn to worship only the almighty dollar.
5. Mp3 D
Take the LSATS and pass the bar exam.
6. jinxybear
First I thimk you need to learm to pell.
7. John H
if you've half a mind to be one, you've got what it takes.
8. Rhinobucket
No conscious.
9. Tom
You don't...if it doesn't make you happy, you shouldn't