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Wanna become a lawyer?

i'm going to go to a university and then to law school but what's one of the best universities in the US to become a lawyer??

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Answers (3):

1. Tommy
These are some top law university: -

1.Yale University in New Haven, CT
2.Harvard University in Cambridge, MA
3.Stanford University in Stanford, CA
4.Columbia University in New York, NY
5.University of Chicago in Chicago, IL

If you want to became a lawyers then these are some steps in short.

1: Get a bachelor’s degree from accredited university
2: Take the LSAT
3: Get into law school
4: Graduate from law school
5: Study for the bar exam
6: Pass the bar exam
7: Pass the moral character evaluation

And there ya'll have it. Seven steps to being a lawyer. Good luck with it.
2. Re Vera
The university you attend for undergrad is less important than your law school. The top law schools are Harvard, Yale, NYU, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, UPenn, Virginia, Michigan, Duke, Northwestern, Georgetown, Texas, Vanderbilt, USC, UCLA, and Minnesota.

Unless you go to a big-name school like Harvard, Yale, NYU, Columbia, or Georgetown, you're better off selecting a school that's in your geographic area. In smaller states, particularly, the legal community is very closely knit and it can be very difficult to find a job if your law degree is from out of state.
3. Bill
Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Georgetown etc.

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