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Type of lawyer? Well paid? CORPORATE OR PATENT!? please answer! 10 points!!?

I want to be a lawyer. I am ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE about it and I will succeed, I’m sure of it. Not because I’m cocky but mainly because I have a very strong motivator and a strong drive and I know I can do this. I have grown up in a environment where work isn’t fun. None of that “follow your dreams” crap. You do the...

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1. mrfrijo
First a corporate lawyer and a patent are not in the same class as the horrible types of lawyers that you speak of ,they are honorable and look out for the companies they work for and the people that work in the companies . I think your goals are great , Harvard is the best law school in the country , Yale is more of a medical school , but if you want to save money UCONN is now one of the better law schools in the country and it cost less , and if you go to an under grad school and live in CT. then because you are a resident it cost less . I hope this helps you and I hope I did not offend you with anything I said . I wish you the best .
2. sitcpsitcb
Patent lawyers generally make more money, but to be a good (or well-paid, take your pick) patent lawyer you'll need a serious math/science background. A bachelors at least, but a masters with some work experience (depending on the field) would be better.

Corporate attorneys do not work for corporations. They represent corporations, usually as members of law firms. They can also be extremely well-paid. Attorneys who work for corporations are usually called in-house counsel, and they need a background in many different types of law. In-house counsel jobs are usually only open to attorneys with a few years experience. They are usually well-paid but not to the same level as BigLaw corporate attorneys or patent attorneys.

Please do your research about law school and the current legal market. Even HYS grads are having trouble landing jobs that will pay back the loans. Most attorneys don't make all that much money. If you're "ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE" you want to be an attorney I'm sure you're aware how competitive admissions are to the schools you mention and how much they cost. I'm sure you're also aware that being a hard worker and wanting to provide for your family won't get you into those schools. You'll have to demonstrate in your application that you actually want to be an attorney. Wanting the money doesn't count. It's great that you have a goal in mind, but it's very unrealistic to focus so much on one thing, especially something so difficult to achieve, to the exclusion of options that might be more realistic or better fit your needs.
3. Ashley
I'm about to go to law school as well. I'm doing the commercial/ corporate route. I'm more business minded and patent law is absolutely great but you should have somewhat of a science background/ interest in pursuing it. Not exactly for me. However, I'm not sure what you're interests are.... everyone wants to make money so I'm not knocking for you that one. But law school is too much of a long road ahead of you just to jump into it with no real interest and do it just for the money. If you want to make money... be an investment banker or something. Law is not what you see on tv, trust me. You probably won't start at 6 figures. But anyways, since you say you ARE sure you want to go to law school.... think about other high paying areas as well that might interest you (healthcare, intellectual property, international). Good luck.

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