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Should I be a Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Lawyer? (10 points)?

I know that there is no relation to the two careers, except for the fact that they both deal with properties just in different ways, and I am trying to decide between the two. I have an equal passion for both and I am a good salesman so Agent wouldn't be a problem in the money and niether would Lawyer. So...

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Answers (2):

1. eri
A real estate agent doesn't need a college degree; they just need to pass a licensing exam, which means maybe a few months of classes somewhere. A real estate lawyer has a 4-year college degree (bachelors) followed by three years of law school (JD) and then the bar exam.
2. βread⊆ℜumbs™
As a Real Estate Agent, you could only be that...a real estate agent.

As a Real Estate Lawyer, you could be anything because of your undergraduate degree, your JD (Law) degree, and your passing of the Bar Exam.

Go the Lawyer route, but be ready for long and hard work...lots and lots of reading.

I hope this helps!