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Question for all who advocate teaching Creationism in schools....?

I read that Gov. Palin advocates teaching Creationism along with Evolution in schools, and this got me thinking about some general questions.... What exactly would a lesson plan on Creationism look like? I'm very serious here. Give me a sample of what is said by the teacher. Would it amount to merely a brief...

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1. Born-Again Catholic
This is not quite the major issue it's being made out to be, mainly because not even Gov. Palin stated creationism should be taught right alongside evolution science -- only that it certainly could be part of the discussion, and at that she didn't exactly advocate a comprehensive K-12 approach. This is a far cry from pushing a creationist curriculum on public schools. In any case a Vice-President doesn't oversee public school curriculum development.

It's an opinion. She's allowed to have them. That doesn't mean she has a nefarious agenda to subvert the teaching of evolution -- for heaven's sake she's a college graduate and knows the difference between debating viewpoints and instruction in the classroom. She may be pro-life but she's not a dominionist, and believe me there's a big difference.

I'm not an advocate of teaching creationism in public schools, so can't really answer the what-if scenario in the last part of your question.
2. beek
To not allow a theory to be taught that is held as a theory by a large part of the society and also by many educators is not education but censorship. Just like to disallow teaching of evolution would be. Schools are not to teach what to believe but how to think and the more ways children are taught the better equipped they will be to learn and make decisions.
3. Gorgeoustx Go Spurs Go!!
The only people who advocate teaching creationism are the Christian fundies. So, only their bible story will be taught as true.

School is for facts. Creationism is backed by zero facts.
4. Helena! :)
The problem with this argument is that science is NOT a democracy. Truth is truth; we can't debate on it.

Religious people get parochial schools. Let us have reason in at least ONE damn place in the country.
5. cadisneygirl
I dont support teaching creationism in science, but I really dont think its that big of a deal either.

It would be a 10 min lesson on the creating the earth in 6 days by God story. Ooooohhh. Oh No. How many kids dont already know that story????
How many school districts are really having this debate??? Hardly any.

This is such a non issue compared to the real issues facing the country and facing education today.
6. Dylan F
No doubt, they will be teaching the Christian idea of creationism. I know that they don't say seperation of church and state but it does say the Government can't say one religion is better than the other, so it is still unconstitutional.
7. ronbo
the evidence for creation is over whelming.it will never happen because side by side it would make evolution look stupid.so the best thing to do is teach neither one.
8. great gig in the sky
I received a handout when I was in school that said, basically, that many people believe God created the world, and this was an alternative and explains many of the things 'evolution' does not.
This is still the truth.
9. Pastor A
At this link are 8 videos which show how it would be done.

With science.


I would suggest you choose server 1 for each of the eight videos.

Now there is lots of church stuff in these videos, so just ignore that and pay attention to the science. There is quite a lot.
10. Agent Smith
Each (U.S.A.) state puts out a legal curriculum. Each state is different.

Check your state as to what is or isn't allowed.

Best regards