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Pro bono lawyers in Seattle, WA?

I need help finding a pro bono lawyer in Seattle, WA for a custody case involving my daughter. Where do I get help I have no money for a lawyer and need help getting my daughter back. I live in Montana and need a lawyer in Seattle because the whole case is going on in the king county superior court. Please...

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1. CaCO3Girl
I am not aware of any lawyers that do pro-bono cases for custody. if you would like to sue a large corporation and they would get millions if you won then you can get a pro-bono lawyer, but no lawyer just gives their services away for custody cases, there is no profit.
2. NiceOne
There are a number of resources out there. Many have income qualification requirements, but these three should be able to provide at least a starting point.

Northwest Women's Law Center's Legal Information and Referral Service
They provide written materials and gives referrals on family law, self-help, child support, domestic violence, sexual harassment. Free legal representation on selected women's cases.
Phone: 206-621-7691

The Northwest Justice Project may be able to provide you with some help. Occasionally, they can give actual representation, but mostly they are there for advice and assistance. You need to answer some questions over the phone to see if you qualify. They have a free number for out-of-area calls.
Phone: 888-201-1014 weekdays from 9:15 a.m. until 12:15 p.m.

The King County Bar Association has neighborhood legal clinics that provide assistance in family law cases. Check out their Web page below:

Good luck!!
3. gowebsolution
It will be difficult to find one, but not impossible. The best advice is to go to "Google or Yahoo" and search for ' Pro Bono Lawyer in Seatle". Have a well prepared presentation when one decides to meet you first time to evaluate your case. Good luck

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