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Pro bon lawyers new york?

I need to know how to get a pro bono lawyer in NY. I need to have an appeal filed to get my mother out of prison. her case # 98cr497. I say NY because that is where she was convicted
I also need a way to look up cases and get information on cases.... please help

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Answers (2):

1. The Arbiter of common sense
Contact the NY Bar Association, they can probably recommend a lawyer to try. The word is pro bono, by the way. Whether you'll find one willing to work for you will depend on the circumstances of the appeal. Most lawyers doing pro bono work do so when there is a clear miscarriage of justice or some other exceptional situation.
2. Kenneth
Unless their is a clear matter of misapplied law, or unless their is a compelling, unique, and unresolved legal issue, no lawyer is going to take an appeal pro bono. Appeals are complex technical procedures involving a lot of work. So unless the lawyer is going to have the opportunity to work on a unique issue that is likely to get him some notoriety, one isn't going to work for free just because you'd prefer to not pay for their services.

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