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Needing a great real estate lawyer?

If anyone knows of a great real estate lawyer please let me know. I need help from a lawyer against our homeowner's association. I also live in Boynton Beach, FL (West Palm Beach). Thank you

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Answers (4):

You need a trial lawyer with real estate trial experience. Not a real estate lawyer.

To find one, go to the local Court Clerk's Office and CASUALLY ask one of the desk clerks, what trial attorney files a bunch of cases. Or, at the Clerk's office ask to see some cases with homeowner's associations as Defendants. Look at the case files, see who won and the name of the attorney that won.

Go to a big real estate office and ask what trial attorney they use.
2. hollywoodmelody
Go to your yellow pages and find attorney referral services. When you call do not explain problem just that you need a real estate attorney. Then call the state board and ask if they have any complaints on that particular attorney. They will be able to help you.

Your HOA has an attorney on staff so please be aware of what is said to you,any letters,phone calls,communications,etc. Write down all times,dates,people you spoke with etc. Then if the time comes to go to court you have that paperwork to show your side of the story.

Depending on the issues that the HOA has, they can put a lien on your home. You as a homeowner are allowed to attend any meeting except the ones that are private and only the HOA committee has to attend.

It will be a bumpy ride but you can have the outcome you want as long as you have written proof to back you up. Try to keep the communication open.
3. RayN-is-back
Forget it The homeowners association love too sue They feel their numbers gives them power,and it does Most people I know well not do business with them These people love too tell others what to do It's their one shot in life Can you tell I use to be part of that?
4. Expert Realtor
It would help if you would post more details.

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