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Need a lawyer (probono) for dui in apoka fl, close 2 orlando?

Need a probono trafic lawyer in apoka fla. please help, my cousin will be jailed soon.? im looking 4 a probono trafic lawyer for my cousin... he resides in apoka fl, close 2 orlando.unfortuinatly , my cousin went 2 the store 2 get a beer, and was pulled over by cops. well, my cousin is no stranger to dui, 10 yrs...

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Answers (4):

1. Jason m

Unfortunately DUI lawyers don't take pro-bono cases nor can you get legal aid for a DUI. If he counts on a public defender best case scenario would be a hefty fines, probation and could be looking at several months in jail. In some cases, if he has a job and family, he may be spending his weekends in lock-up! The only way around this is finding a lawyer that is willing to take some sort of payment plan. There are DUI lawyers out there that will take the case with quarter/half down and spread out the payments over a year or so. If I were you what you should do is start calling around for you cousin to find out who would be willing to take his case on a payment plan. I think you may find someone will to do so. I have also attached a lawyer search engine for you. I did a search for you for Florida DUI Lawyers. I would start looking at some websites for attorneys that take payment options and start calling around asap.
2. Byakuya
lawyers don't like to take probono cases unless they are absolutely sure they're going to win.. last time I hired a lawyer, I had a very good case (ended up winning) but the lawyer still refused to take it probono..
3. David B
isnt going to happen im afraid, not the sort of case that the ones who even do pro bono would take. If he cant find somebody he can make payments to to take it, he should try to plead out to careless or reckless driving.
4. papillongirl
he should go to jail! tell him to stop drinking and driving and he wouldn't have these problems. i know you care about your family but my family and i got seriously hurt by a drunk driver.

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