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Looking for a good lawyer who will do free consultation in Manatee County, FL?

Need some legal advice...so looking for a good reliable lawyer group that does free consultations..in Manatee County/City of Bradenton, FL (34207) Not sure what section of law this would fall under. Was storing my vehicle with a friend because registration expired and license ticket issues. Basically...

Answers (2):

1. candy g
what does your friend say about all this...did he just let them tow it, if it was secure on his property how did they get to the car.................did he just get sick of it and SELL it to the company........
2. Arthur W
Contact the Florida Legal Bar in Tallahassee for this. If Towing Co can prove they tried to contact you and couldnt, then truck was technically abandoned and they have possession. Note here is that the towing company doesnt have to do a real extensive search here so contact a General Law Attorney here but dont expect much luck and you better know the whereabouts of your friend. Good luck

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