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Looking for a good divorce and child custody lawyer in Kitsap county near Seattle. ?

My friend is an active duty father looking to get the best parental rights possible. He's currently on deployment, but will be home in less than a week. Please make your suggestions. Anything may help

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1. Dave V

Good for you helping someone in need. Try Bradley Johnson... if that location is inconvenient check the list attached.

Bradley Johnson Attorneys
1325 4th Ave Suite 535
Seattle, WA 98101-2525
(206) 223-1601

2. thezaylady
Frances Turrean.
She works in Seattle but her services may very well extend to Kitsap. It's worth looking into.
It is difficult for a father to get a fair custody deal in this society. She helped a friend of mine do just that. She also helped my family out of a very nasty situation with my ex.
She knows exactly what the court wants to hear and knows how to avoid what sounds like rambling garbage to them. When the opponent gets nasty, she knows how to keep a level head and not stoop to their level, resulting in them looking like fools and her side looking better.
Her one downside is that she is prone to making spelling and grammar errors in written declarations. This is easily repaired by pointing it out to her and it gets corrected before the deadlines.
3. Mayor McKim
I live in Bremerton and I always see ads for Mike Gallagher, I've never worked with him before but its a start.

I'm sorry, I really shouldnt have answered this question but I got all excited when I saw kitsap county..

4. Bethenny
Hi there....try www.lawyers.com. I found a great attorney on there. They not only have referrals, but a terrific Q&A section.

That is so nice of you to help out a friend....what are friends for? Outstanding!

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