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LAWYERS! - How does Mark Geragos get involved in high profile cases?

Does he go to them...or do they call him?

How does something like that work in the real world?

Answers (3):

1. Birthday Persinowitz!
Usually these kinds of lawyers are very good and don't follow the typical career path. They are litigators and they don't come from the big name law schools, however its a fallacy that there are only 10 law schools in the USA that can provide a great legal education or produce excellent lawyers. Look at Ron Kuby or Kunsler's life, Bruce Cutler, even F. Lee Bailey, Raul Felder many other examples.

They are usually on their own or are an underling of an excellent litigator/sole practitioner who has make a name for him self. Many have started out in the JAG Corps (military lawyer) or in the DA's office. They get a lot of trial experience. I may have been to Court 2,000 times but I may have done 2 or 3 trials. As an ADA or JAG you get to do trials all the time and its a skill you can learn. Jerry Spence I believe started as a insurance lawyer doing small personal injury trials in Montana.

Once they have the basic skills they go out on their own and if your good people come to you, I've seen it with myself. One day someone comes to you who is not famous but in big trouble or their son is. They need your help but can't pay you. The case turns out to be sensational news event you may win or lose but if you do well you will make the big time. F. Lee Baily was a young solo out of the JAG who got to represent the Boston Strangler. Cutler was an ADA then worked for a famous mob lawyer then on his own. Spence worked in obscurity and eventually got the Karen Silkwood case. Kunsler during the 70's dealt with radicals and negotiated the prison riots at attica. Cuby had a strange start and underling for Kunsler, has mob, gang leaders, muslim terrorists as his clients.

The lawyers that go to the "top 10" law schools usually get offers at very big firms in big cities such as NY or DC. They start at $150,000 to $200,000 and they work you as slaves on very menial tasks. You don't learn or get quality experience, you do get unhappy and burned out. Only 2% make parnter over 7 years and the others leave go on their own or smaller firms or to corporations or government, they usually work in obscurity.

Once you get a name people call you out of the blue. Also people don't understand about winning or losing, its not like a tennis match, there are some cases you will never win, a good lawyer will get you the best outcome for your situation. Also the area and the Judges make a tremendous difference on the outcome of a case. If Michael Jackson came to you with a loser case you will take it anyway.
2. A W
He was probably hired in a big law firm long ago and got affiliated with big money people, got rich lawbreakers as clients, applied the law to the case and won a few... But he's not all that great, in my opinion.
3. Cactus
He's like a dog chasing a car. He pursues these individuals and cases. Doesn't win a lot; but tries to get them all for the chance at that one big fee.

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