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Lawyers are such scum I had a visitation case that my lawyer screwed up on plus he swallowed up my 2k retainer

The case was in Alameda county ca. my lawyer, I never saw after my free 30 min consult, dumped me off to an assitstant (after getting a 2 k retainer) and i never heard a word from her. The asst.went the opposite direction of how i wanted (which failed a year before) then i get to court and I'm met by another...

Answers (7):

1. searious
Write out a timeline of everything that happened, attach any documentation you have supporting this information and send it with a letter of complaint to the state bar association. Follow up on a weekly basis by phone & in person. Eventually, if you make enough of an nuisance of yourself they may bring all the lawyers involved up on charges, either suspend them for a length of time or disbar them, and make them reimburse you the amount of money you lost.

I went through this same type of thing in Louisiana with an attorney who barely got me divorced and never followed up on the property settlement or child support. He ended up being suspended for two months and reimbursing me half of the $1000.00 I'd paid him. It took me two years of being persistant with the Louisiana bar to finally get some satifisfaction in this situation but it worked.
1- Contact the California State Bar and ask how you can file a complaint.
2- Always confirm all of your communications with any professional such as a doctor or a lawyer in writing by fax and/or email. Professionals always look at these documents as evidence against them.

Good luck and I'm sorry for your experience... don't give up!
3. armorexe2000
Lawyers are considered the stupidity of man in my opinion. You wont be able to beat them no matter how hard you try. I doubt you will be able to get your retainer back due to the fact he has many loopholes that he can go through to keep it. Save your time and your money by just cutting your losses.
4. wwilliams76273
Lawyers have many ways to keep their clients paying out the nose. I had three lawyers on my mother's estate. The one I hired asked $3,500 to cary us through settlement but they finally got a total of $25,000, by filing first one issue then another, just to keep the case going. Get loose from her just as fast as you can, is my thought.
5. Ri
Report them to the bar association
6. jim ex marine offi,
you can report them to the bar Association but, it won't get your money back , you can sue them but the have the legal experience, so ?? is it to late to revive the french revolution?
7. nellie
focus your energy forward be careful and learn.

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