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Lawyer's in Orlando FL?

I need to know what kind of of attorney to hire for sexual harrassment defense. A bogus lawsuit is being brought and I need a good defense attorney. Please help!

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Answers (2):

1. Jamerican Steve
Sorry for your troubles and best of luck on the case.

Enter your zip code at http://www.sexualharassmentlawfirms.com to find a firm/atty near you.
2. smithgerry91
I would suggest starting with a general practice attorney and going from there. They'll be able to point you in the right direction and hopefully get you out of this unfortunate mess you are in.

Some to try:

R. Barry Morgan, P.A. (407) 219-9208 - 28 E Washington St, Orlando, FL
Korshak & Associates PA (407) 545-5785 - 8680 Commodity Circle, Orlando, FL
Law Office Of K Hunter Goff PA (407) 219-9418 - 1215 E Livingston St, Orlando, FL
Higginbotham Law, P.A. (407) 956-2201 - 390 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL

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