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Know a Good Traffic Lawyer in Raleigh NC?

Husband got a hefty speeding ticket and looking for assitance. Have you had good outcome using a lawyer?

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Answers (2):

1. Scott J
was he speeding? if so were there extenuating circumstances?
these are 2 questions most attorneys will ask,
please email me for more info
2. bailie28
ummjust wait they will soon flood your mailbox....i got a ticket going to chapel hill and i got about ten letters from lawyers...he took care of it for around 300 and mine was 71 in a 45...it doesnt show on my record...and my fine was almost 200 bucks so the lawyer i used was actually in my opinion really good...him taking care of it is the closest to it never happening as i can get....i would def use a lawyer..you are going to pay either way...you can either suck it up and tell your insurance company or pay a lawyer and hopefully not have too...

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