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I would like to post documents regarding a lawyers neglience?

This estate lawyer, from Markham Ontario Canada, namely Terrance Pochmurski, and donald Hindson have held up and estate matter since 2004, with their lies and they have embezzled funds from the estate and taken great lengths to cover up the crime, they have forged documents and prevent me, the daughter in law from...

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1. lucy

I doubt that anyone reading your question will fully understand what is going on. The fact that they will not let you see documents or validate documents maybe that you have no standing, meaning that just like a co-worker has no standing to see your financial information. As a former daughter in law, cannot understand if you are a beneficiary or disputing any of these funds due you or to someone else?

As a general rule in the US, wills and probate are public documents and anyone can see and/or review them. Granted this is Canada, but most probate are guided by the laws where you live and whoever is handling they must follow certain rules.

You claim fraud and misrepresentation of funds with this law firm. Everything they have done "could" be legal, but if not, then this firm or lawyers could be sued for malpractice.

You have a couple of options. 1 is to contact the bar association in Canada and file a grievance. In the US, the lawyer/s must file an answer to your complaint and validate that all that they have done is legal. In the US, the bar association can file a disciplinary complaint on this lawyer or suspend their license to practice law if indeed the grievance is validated. I am guessing in Canada they have something about the same there as the US.

The 2nd thing to do which might make the most sense is to actually make an appointment with a lawyer in person. I know you state that lawyers are expensive but with 1 appointment a lawyer can tell you what they are doing is legit or not and if you have any recourse at that time.
2. ?

In answer to your question, I would like to post documents regarding a lawyers neglience?, I say you that take a look at this site http://inquirelawyers.com it might help you

As you asked; "This estate lawyer, from Markham Ontario Canada, namely Terrance Pochmurski, and donald Hindson have held up and estate matter since 2004, with their lies and they have embezzled funds from the estate and taken great lengths to cover up the crime, they have forged documents and prevent me, the daughter in law from being able to go over the bank records to show that money is in fact missing, they have continually refused to allow me access to any of the bank statements or records for this estate, unfortunately it takes money to take this matter to court, so after many years I was forced to allow them to get away with the theft, in order to salvage some of the estate that they took in legal fees for many court applications which were full of lies and untruths, now they still refuse to file the income tax returns because they have broken the tax laws, and refuse to follow the laws, by holding up the estate they can say that they did not know of these laws, that they broke but I have proof that they did know, for instance they should have issued a receipt for he 80 thousand dollars in legal fees they charged the estate, they should have issued receipts for the bills they claimed they paid, for the estate, and they should have issued T4 slips for the executor fees that they paid out of the estate, now because I have no other Choice I want to post all of the paper work that they have sent me since the last court date in 2008 to show the world that this lawyer firm is nothing more then a bunch of criminals and crooks, so that at least other unsuspecting people will be warned to stay away from them and take their business else where, I was a victim of a huge cover-up, and I have all the documents to prove it, but these people refuse to close the estate file, even after I have given up the fight, because I do not have the money to hire a lawyer to fight these crooks, how can I show the paper work that I have showing the incompetents of these lawyers, I really don't think that they are that stupid, but they come up with all kinds of ridiculous excuses why they can't complete the file and file the income tax returns, they just keep going in circles, and I am sick of their ridiculous statements, and I want to post the letter that I have received from these people and show how dishonest this firm is and how they took advantage of a situation and managed to steal thousands of dollars and get away with it, can any one give me any suggestions on how I can show this firm up for their lies and dishonest handling of this estate, and let the world know to stay away from these people in Markham Ontario, and to be aware of Marilyn Cargill in stouffville Ontario who defrauded the estate of another one thousand dollars by getting death certificates naming her as the next of kin so she would be able to cash in the Life Insurance policy and giving the bank information saying she was the daughter in law, etc, all because my mother in law Auldeen Anderson was an only child and she only had one son, who I married and sadly past away in 1993, leaving only me and my three sons left, by the way we lived over forty five minutes away from Stouffville and this Marilyn Cargill lived next door, I asked her if she would keep an eye on my mother in law after her only son past away, for me, and this turned into her manipulating and stealing three bank accounts, or investments from Auldeen's estate, and then managing to tell everyone that Auldeen had no family other then her, which was a lie, there was stocks and bonds, which I believe were cashed by Marilyn Cargill with the help of Donald Hindson the lawyer, who had a son in the business of cashing in stocks and investments, they then signed codicils saying that my mother in law had added two other people as executors to her will, which they just happened to be Marilyn Cargill, but when I spoke to auldeen when she was alive, she told me that she had made no changes at all to her will or her estate, I want to expose these people to the world and show how many lies they told to my family and to the courts and to the Law Society and to the funeral director of the funeral home in Stouffville in order to obtain a death certificate before Auldeen's body even arrived there, which is against the law for them to issue any sort of paperwork, they went to get lengths to cover this up, and no doubt they had been planning this for years, both the lawyer and Marilyn Car gill, and unfortunately they were succefull since I did not have the money to fight them in court," I hope it may help you.

Best of Luck :)

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