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I was in a car accident, did not use a lawyer, how do I know if the insurance company offer is reasonable?

I was a passenger in a car accident, I went to the emergency room and the er doc told me to follow up with a doc, I did not, I went to a chiropractor, the insurance company offered me $1,000, because she said they cant base the settlement off of what the chiropractor said, she is basing my injuries off of what my...

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Answers (3):

1. Jay
First of all, being in an accident is not your free ride to extra money. The insurance company owes you for med bills, lost wages and if there is a reasonable amount of pain/siffering, they will generally pay for that as well. Although, there is no objective way to equate pain to money.

Your ER bills should be paid in full. You should go see an MD for the follow-up that they told you to. That way both you and the insurance company have solid information about your future condition and possible other health issues. They should pay for the follow-up.

If you sign up with a lawyer, you are giving up 20-30% to them. Most insurance adjusters are normal, truthful, hard working folks. They are not going to try to cheat you.
2. Britney
I would have hired a lawyer. I got in a car accident in January and suffered from post concussive syndrome for 6 months, couldn't work or go to school. I couldn't even talk to the car insurance company because I felt so sick. The lawyer ended up getting me a lot of money and the case was finally settled 2 weeks ago. They should have covered your medical bills, my policy pays up to $8,000 in medical bills and I had to use that all up. Remember the lawyer gets 1/3 of however much money he gets you but its worth it because they know what they are doing!

ps. I didn't hire a lawyer for free money. I hired a lawyer because the person who hit me was uninsured and got away with it. My insurance company gave me a really hard time when me and my mom tried talking to them. I followed up in a concussion clinic for 6 months, your car insurance company will make you see one of their doctors and I swear they are paid to say your fine to go about normal activities. That's what the car insurance doc said to me (when I couldn't stand without feeling like I was gonna pass out & I had proof from my doc!)

Good luck!
3. mypiedmont@yahoo.co.uk
Rather pay for a consultation with a lawyer to make sure you are getting a fair settlement.