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I Need Help finding a Good LAwyer in Raleigh, NC !!!!?

Ok here is the deal. I have a relative that lives in Raleigh that is in some trouble. I know the lawyers in my area but I do not know any good defense lawyers in Raleigh if anyone with good sound advice can help please feel free to answer.

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Answers (2):

1. onestepbeyond
Not that you have to answer here but it might help to include (vaguely ) what kind of charges, some lawyers that are great in defending dui's are not that great in defending murder cases.
Since alot of lawyers specialize, knowing the nature of the charges would be much more helpful in finding that perfect match for your relative
2. crazy m
you should be albe to go to the states web site and find something like a lawyers guide or even find a phone # in your phone book for some kind of hotline.

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