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I need a Pro Bono Lawyer to help me deal with a CPS in Everett, Wa.?

I do not want to sue them I just want my son to come home. I received a Certified Letter dated 3/25/09 that Abuse and Neglect was unfounded.I had a visit with him on 3/26/09, then they moved him to Bellingham on the 3/27/09. Nobody will return my calls. Not even the so lawyer that was assigned to me. Can somebody...

Answers (2):

1. little78lucky

you can ask for a pro bono lawyer on there
2. Dashin' IN
Hire a private investigator to find your son, make a police report (missing child) and then go to the town he's in and contact police there, showing them the letter and making another police report against whoever has him (kidnapping).
Once you have your son, get a lawyer and sue the **** out of them!

You HAVE a case.

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