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I need a lawyer for small claims court in Orlando, FL. Where can I find a good one?

I have a contract, written and signed by the person I let take over my cell phone because I couldn't afford it anymore. It states he can't extend the contract and that he's financially responsible for the phone payments. Recently he's owed me money on the phone because; when my security deposit was...

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Answers (2):

1. goz1111
This is your problem no lawyer will take this case on contingent fee, there is no guarantee even if you win and get a judgment that you will ever be able to collect all the monies, I mean the person did not even have credit to qualify for their own phone in the first place

Plus you are not guarantee lawyer fees if you win, so the lawyer will want to be paid up front in your situation that said best bet is to borrow from friend’s family the monies to file for small claims

But remember even if you spend the monies and are successfully in court the judgment is the easy part, collection is very difficult at best if not impossible against certain individuals
2. davidmi711
You do not need a lawyer (and in some states can not be represented by a lawyer) in small claims court.

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