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I need a criminal lawyer(woman lawyer to be exact) in pittsburgh Pa?

I am looking for a lawyer for a family member who was wrongfully accused of a crime they did not commit and who the judge admitted and the prosecuting attorney that the case was weak. The family member is a good kid who was finishing school, the only reason that it has gone this far is because the accusing person...

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Answers (4):

1. LaissezFaire
Why do you need a woman lawyer?
2. Yesugi
Yeah, you do need a new lawyer, and you need to file an ethics case against your old one. On the other hand, why didn't you ask? Where did you get this lawyer, anyway?

The appeal will probably take nine months, cost another 15 grand, and accomplish next to nothing. The kid admitted to something -- and that means the kid wasn't an angel.

What about some responsibility on your part here? You're not responsible for hiring the wrong lawyer, you're not responsible for the advice you gave the kid; and you don't want the kid to be responsible for his/her crimes. Great example you're making.
3. Vicki
Criminal Records Search Database : http://SearchVerifyInfos.com/Info
4. Amrendra
Why you need a women Lawyer? that's strange

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