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I'm asking for a lawyer please. I Have tried ever thing?

I need a lawyer and i need i need one bad. i have tried local bar association, Lawyer Referral Service of Central, UT School of Law,Austin Legal Aid,Texas Legal Services,Volunteer Legal Services... No one can help If i have to work for free for u i am willing to help i am good for the money ever month when i get...

Answers (2):

1. M W
Somewhere, in all that rambling, there must be a question. What exactly do you want a lawyer to do for you?
2. Athene
You've come up on Y!A UK - check your settings.

There are many aggrieved fathers in the UK too. It's "just one of those things".

All I can do - other than point you to a US audience - is give you a link which explains that life is not 'fair' judged by the standards we are taught/ that we assimilate, but we can work to understand better what is actually happening, and so alter the outcome

Good luck!