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How easy is being a lawyer in New York City ?

I'm from England and want to know if my english qualifications will get me anywhere in america or whether i will have to get the qualifications in america. And also how hard would getting a good job be, and I'm graduating from one of England's top law schools. I grew up in New York for a small part of...

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1. TheOrange Evil
Based on the New York State Bar's requirements for foreign attorneys, I think you would be eligible to sit for the bar. If not, the state bar may ask you to complete a few classes at an American law school to supplement your British education.

All this aside, unless you have connections to a New York law firm, a foreign law degree will put you at a serious disadvantage in legal hiring. Even if you pass the bar, you still won't have any American legal education. Most foreign attorneys work in their home countries for years, so at least they have work experience to put on their resumes. They also often have connections in the US or are working for firms in their countries that do business in the US.

Since your goal is to work as a lawyer in the United States, then you need to do something to improve your odds, like going to law school here (three years) or getting an LLM. American kids go for LLMs now, but originally they were for foreign attorneys so that they could study intensely an area of American law.

Finally, I should add that the NY legal market crashed and burned and that the jobs aren't as plentiful as they were, and are mostly reserved for graduates from top American law schools, so it's even more important that you consider the LLM or attending a law school here for three years. Or, you know, you could work for a firm in the UK that would allow you to transfer to the US.
2. Mary O
You have to have a law degree from a United States law school, and pass the New York State Bar. You may have to be a citizen as well.
3. Biolog
You have to pass the bar in New York. English Law and New York State law are probably very different

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