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How do you get a Patient Advocate?

I'll be having surgery in a few months and I've had bad experiences with Versed used for anesthesia. I want to have a patient advocate with me at all times to make SURE that I don't get this poison injected into my IV every again. I have it written all over my medical records that I'm allergic to...

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Answers (2):

1. wjc
Nurses generally are the patient advocates. If you want, hire your own nurses to be with you all the time (some hospitals allow private nurses in OR or they may just give you a good one, anyway if the Doctor knows about it, he would'nt dare give it anyway, hopefully). Also a friend/family member is a good choice to accompany you all the time (except in the OR). Just make sure that they are well informed of your restriction on Versed and other matters and can stop some persistent medical guys from giving you such drug.

(There was once a nurse who brought her dad to the ER because of his condition, the dad was not supposed to take a drug but the doctor insisted. Belittling the Nurse's refusal and even medical argument with the doctor, the doctor still gave the drug. The Dad died after a few minutes. This happens in some places so make sure your advocate is tough. But I'm guessing where you come from, these things rarely happen.)

P.S. I'm not from US so I'm not really aware of your hospital policies.
2. queenofdepression12
oh god, yes don't let ANYONE EVER give you Versed....that is the drug from HELL!!!!!

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