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Help with this case, we're skeptical about our lawyer?

My father was arrested in Bridgeport, CT for Burglary in the 1st degree, and three misdemeanors including criminal mischief, criminal trespass, and a breach of peace. He was pulled over because of an expired registration on the car so he called me and my aunt and she updated the registration online but the officer...

Answers (4):

1. jaymes_07
Sounds about right. The lawyer does not "negotiate with the Judge". Negotiation takes place between the lawyers, the Judge has nothing to do with that process. All a Judge can do is rule on motions, accept plea deals, issue a sentence, and preside over a trial. Thats it. You don't just walk into court and start arguing the case to a Judge.

Your lawyer is a professional who does this for a career. He knows the procedure. Thats what you paid him for. Quit acting like you understand criminal procedure better than he does. What you want him to do is not something that can be done.
2. laughter_every_day
No, one does not negotiate with a judge. Judges do not control the charges. The DA decides what to charge and one can negotiate with the DA, but not with the judge
3. Awesome Pawsome
A lawyer typically does not "negotiate" with a judge, so I have no idea what you mean by that. If you have questions, talk to your lawyer.
4. Squid
It's not burglary in the first degree...you should be able to plea bargain down to criminal trespass and probably avoid jail time. Make sure that the lawyer knows that you need to serve your probation in PA.

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