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Good lawyers for speeding tickets in Charlotte, NC metro area?

Hi all, I recently got a speeding ticket for going 11 mph over the speed limit and would like to know about any good lawyers that could help me out with this. I'd also like to know if anyone has any firsthand knowledge about how much they'd do it for too. Thanks!

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1. Wolfpacker
I would not bet on the Officer not showing up, Charlotte like Raleigh schedule all of the Officer's tickets on same day so they can be in court.
If this is your 1st ticket you can get a prayer for judgment - no points on license or insurance.
Otherwise almost any attorney would do. My friend is a criminal attorney & he took care of my daughter's ticket. It just disappeared with no points or money. I have a friend that used Barnett & Falls office.
2. dwmatty19
You have the option of hiring a lawyer or representing yourself. The lawyer will probably cost you more than the ticket, unless keeping the conviction and points off your driving record is worth it to you. Additionally, hiring the lawyer is no guarantee you will be found not guilty. You take the risk of not only paying for the expensive lawyer but also having the conviction and the points. In the future, you might want to consider staying within the speed limit so that you don't have this problem in the future.
3. sharon a
listen your only 11 mph over the limit do your self a favor plead guily why? cause it be a hell of a lot cheaper if you did instead of paying out for an attorney you pay the fine what ever it is IF YOU can not afford the fine you tell the judge ever soooo politely could i please have an extention your honor, i need time to pay my ticket try for a month depending on the amount hey you work? if you do bring your pay stubs, yes you now have points on your liscence, which means its a moving violation, which means your insurance just went up ! sorry but it's cheaper to plea guilty than to hirer an attorney and the if you ask will give you an extention the fine shouldn't be to high if you were only 11 mph over the limit. word of advise dress descent when appearing in court, be polite, bring money cause they will direct you to were you need to pay , been there done that it'll be fine just don't get any more speeding tickets cause they will suspend your liscence and MAKE SURE you appear in court cause if you don't they''ll issue a warrent for your arrest. so show you'll be ok just show up look for your name it will be posted on the wall make sure your on the right floor or else you'll look like a no-show (not -good) you'll be alright
4. Chrys
why do you need a lawyer...you can't explain to the judge yourself ??? it's much easier and cheaper to go to court and ask the court to lower or dismiss the ticket. (90% of the time the issuing police person doesn't show up and the judge either dismisses or lowers the ticket.)Lawyers charge by the hour $250 and on up, so if you sit in court all day waiting for your case, then you're paying a lawyer $250 an hour, say for 2-8 hrs...thats a waste of money.
5. scarlettt_ohara
Would it not be cheaper to just pay the ticket?Lawyers are expensive so even if your insurance goes up getting a lawyer would probably end up costing you more.
6. PM4
You don't need a lawyer for traffic court. However, you do need to have a good reason why you were speeding. Trying to say the radar gun wasn't working or that it was the car next to me won't work.
7. TedEx
IF you want an OJ defense, you'd better show some juice.
Maybe $ 1000,000 or more. If you need help, then you're probably 1 point away from losing your licence and 1 violaion away from losing your insurance coverage.

Call the county bar association, they'll recommend somebody.

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