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Good EEOC Lawyer in the Tampa FL area?

I've gone to my manager about an EEOC issue that is going to cause me to lose my pension by 13 days due to a new rule the company imposed this year. I'm trying to fight this but are having no sucess. Does anyone know of a good lawyer that works on a contingency basis in the Tampa Bay area? I work for a HUGE...

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1. thealphafemme
How is this an EEOC issue? Are you being discriminated against? If it is an EEOC issue, then you need to go directly to the EEOC and file a complaint and they will review your claim. Once they review it, then they will either agree to file a claim on your behalf against your employer or they will issue a "right to sue" letter for you to file your own claim (and they will likely have a list of employment attorneys).

No employment attorney will take on an EEOC issue without a "right to sue" letter that comes from the EEOC.

If it's a pension issue, then it sounds to me more like an ERISA issue (Employment Retirement Insome Security Act) and you really need just a good employment attorney that specializes in benefits and specifically, retirement.

The other distinction in your attorney selection is finding one that is a rep for the employee and not the employer. However, there are entire firms dedicated to certain disciplines and they will be more than happy to go up against anyone - esp. a large company.... because a large company (especially a publicly traded one) will be more apt to settle a claim just to keep their name out of the news and keep their stock from going down.

And if its the rest of your life and it's that important - it might be worth shelling out a few hundred bucks for the consult with a good attorney vs. letting someone half-*** it on contingency for you.

Good luck

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