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Good divorce lawyer in elgin, il?

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1. Meatwad Gets The Honeys
The Chicago Bar Association | Home
321 South Plymouth Court
Chicago, IL 60604-3997
Primary: 1.312.554.2000

If you don't mind a drive to Melrose Park, you should give Joseph B. Taconi Jr & Associates a call.

Joseph B. Taconi Jr & Associates
1807 North 19th Ave
Melrose Park 60160
IL Lawyer Since: 1977.
Primary: 1.708.681.4696
Facsimile: 1.708.343.4670

I'm not pimping for Mr. Taconi but he did a wonderful job for a friend of mine, and he lived way out in Aurora. He said it was worth it. There are a TON of sites with what I think are reviews if you google "Joseph B. Taconi Jr & Associates". I couldn't remember his info so I just googled it and came up with a lot of info.

Good luck to you... Divorce is a b*tch. I wish you and your partner the best of luck that you two get through this emotionally whole.

p.s. Yeah... Wrong section... But I'm assuming that it just shunted you to anywhere having to deal with Illinois.
2. Nikki P
Oh George, Why would you ask in a Dining Out section about a Lawyer...at least you did not ask under the Alcohol Section...
My advice to you would be contact the Bar Association and get a few referrals for lawyers in your area.
No matter what you do it is going to cost both of you plenty....lawyers...don't get me started!
When you contact the Bar Association find out if there is a way you can do this easily. If there is no property or children involved it might be possible.

Good luck. Hope you do find a good lawyer.
3. ?
I enjoyed reading that

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