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Given "following too closely" citation in Atlanta, GA.Have a court date. Can I have access to public lawyer.

Given "following too closely" citation highway in Atlanta, GA. It involves three cars. Mine was the third.When police came, the other two drivers said there was a traffic, and that i hit the back bumper of the car in the middle, the middle car hit the back bumper of the one in the front.The Police told me...

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Answers (5):

1. Fred C
Distraction is not an excuse. Don't even think of trying it. A lawyer is going to tell the court you ran into the rear end of another car, what else can he say? It matters not if the car in front of you hit the car in front of him first. If he hit first, he followed too closely, if you knocked him into the first car, he was stopped too close, either way, he was in the wrong, and you still hit the car in front of you, making you also in the wrong. If you weren't following too closely, you had to be speeding, would you rather that?
2. c420wizzle
In most driving situations, if someone rearends another vehicle, they are at fault, pretty much no matter what. There are some cases that this is not true, but this is basically the rule of thumb, because you are supposed to always give the car in front of you enough space so if they have to stop in an emergency braking situation, you will have enough time to stop before hitting them.
And saying you got distracted by someone honking is not an exuse in this case.
Also, I am not sure about Georgia, but in the state I live in, the law is that you must be facing charges that include jailtime to qualify for a free lawyer.
Sorry seems like you are out of luck on this one. Remember when driving to always stay far enough back so that you can anticipate anything.
Lastly, how exactly do you define traffic? as in "there was a traffic"??? did you mean to say there was an accident???
3. Scott H
What is "a traffic"? Look, anytime you hit the back of the vehicle in front of you, you are following too close. Period - end of story. Claiming you were distracted is not going to help you, just pay the ticket and move on. You are not going to beat the citation.
Whenever you rear end someone its your fault. Rules of the road are that you are supposed to keep a safe following distance. Be careful trying to go to court to fight it. You may end up losing (probably will) and then end up paying the ticket along with court fees. You may end up paying more than that fine in the long run
5. sensible_man
"Failure to maintain assured clear distance" is your charge. Just pay the fine. "Free" lawyers are for criminal cases and there are many restrictions on getting one.

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