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Getting a lawyer for speeding ticket in Duval Co, FL?

I got a speeding ticket recently in Jacksonville, FL (Duval County). I want to get a lawyer to dismis this ticket. I'm originally from South Florida and had no problem finding a lawyer for about $50 to dismis my ticket in the past. In Duval county, all the lawyers I called just told me they'd take the...

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Answers (3):

1. KC V ™
Sounds like you feel the need to speed, disregard the speed limit, then depend upon a lawyer to get you out of a fix.

If you were speeding and got caught but don't wish to face the consequences...maybe you should quit speeding.

As for the cop not showing up...most departments I know pay overtime when the officer has to appear when not on duty. I wouldn't...nor do I think they would...miss the opportunity to make a better paycheck.

As for appearing in court yourself and what to say...what CAN you say? You were caught speeding!
2. TheMadProfessor
Assuming the cop has you on-camera showing the speed reading (SOP for traffic cops these days), you're pretty much hosed if they show up in court. Unless you can prove the detector was inaccurate somehow due to misajustment or improper usage, it's pretty hard to dispute. I suggest you either pay the fine outright or pay the extra to have the lawyer keep points off your record.
3. Casey
You are not making sense.

Just pay the fine. Take responsibility for you action.

$50.00 in the past must have been 50 years ago.

Based on your post, if you go to court yourself, you are going to annoy the Judge with your attitude and get a bigger fine.

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