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Does anyone know a good lawyer in Tulsa, OK who can do pro bono work.?

My son was taken into dhs custody our family is completly devastated/. We don't have the money to hire a private attorney and dhs is threatening to take my parental rights please I'm begging for help.

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Answers (2):

1. divot II
Most states appoint attorneys for parents for termination of parental rights hearings, so you will receive the charity of the taxpayers.

PS: How much free work have you and your family done for attorneys? Just curious.
2. Libraryanna
Why do people think attorneys can work for free? Do they expect that of any other profession?

A case like this takes a ton of time. And most pro bono attorneys don't want to take a case like this because of fear that they will help a child return to an abusive or neglectful home. (Let's face it, they don't take kids for no reason.)

You can try calling your local library and asking them if there are free and low cost legal clinics in your area. I suggest, since you don't have your son any more, you get a job to pay for an attorney. (A second job if you already have one.) They might be willing to take it, but dont' get your hopes up - unless you can show there is absolutely no reason for them to take your son.

In the meantime, do everything DSHS demands of you to get your son back. That will show you really want it to happen. Even if you dont' agree it's necessary.

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