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Does anybody know the top/powerrful lawyers in Atlanta GA?

I want to sue an individual... I need the best lawyer in Atlanta regardless of how much they gonna charge me...

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Answers (2):

1. Meredith
Again, without knowing the area of law, nobody here can make an accurate recommendation.

If I had an important case, I wouldn't use any of the attorneys who advertise on tv. If you have no personal recommendations, get hold of a copy of Atlanta Magazine -- I think it was last month's issue -- listing the top attorneys (by discipline) in Atlanta. If they don't have it at your library, call the magazine directly to find out which issue you need, and order a back copy.

Attorney fees can be verrrry steep, so before you say, "price is no object,' you might want to find out what they charge. You may have to pay, regardless of the outcome of your case.
2. knowitall
Atlanta is full of excellent lawyers. It depends on the nature of the case to know which to use, however judging by the manner of your question, you probably just need to get one off the back of the phone book.

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