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Does anybody can recommend a christian lawyer in Chicago IL USA?

I am looking for an immigration lawyer, in Chicago/IL. Preferably christian.
I am trying to get some answers on this issue.
So, if you can help or know someone who can, please answer this question.
Thank you!!

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Answers (4):

1. Alan J
When hiring a lawyer, don't concern yourself too much with things like religion. I used to have a friend to whom these things were important...she also really needed her lawyer to feel her injustice as deeply as she did.

What she really needed though was a highly competent bloodless attack dog who didn't give a damn about her feelings, who was in it for the money, and wanted to win the case for his own ego. Because winning the case is a lot more important than having your lawyer sympathize in defeat.

Having a lawyer share your feelings or your faith is nice, but you've got friends, family, and fellow churchmembers to fill those roles in your life. Hire the lawyer who will get things done on your behalf.
2. Yak Rider
12 members of the American Immigration Lawyer's Association are listed in Chicago. Their religious faith is their own business, although you're free to ask before making an appointment....

3. TiLtwrestler
Dude, you just said an oxymoron:

Christian lawyer.

You can find many christians everywhere, and many lawyers, but christians are usually very good moral people, and lawyers have to haev a silver-tongue to rival satan, and they're usually ruthless, selfish and liars...

so the 2 don't seem to intermingle (or ESPECIALLY mix) much!
4. JonathanBroome
Check with Christian Lawyer Connection. http://www.ChristianLawyerConnection.com

You pick the area of legal help you need (like Immigration) and enter your contact info -- your info gets sent right to lawyers who are members of the Christian Legal Society, and near wherever you need them (like Chicago) for assistance. You'll get to see the info of some of the lawyers too, so you can contact them right away instead of waiting for them to review your info first.

Hope it helps!

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