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Does any one know a good lawyer in Brooklyn, NY who can handle an no fault accident case.?

I was driving in my lane at normal seeps in a residential area about 30mph when the vehicle going the opposite direction make a left turn in front of my car and we crashed. He was wrong and I need to seek a lawyer now but I need a good one. Please help the accident was on Friday now its Tuesday

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1. lucy
Why do you need a lawyer? Have you seen too many TV commercials that state, if in an accident call me?

Have you called the other guys insurance company and filed a claim? If so, and if this guy is at fault, then his insurance company will pay for your damages. End of story, done.

IF, you did not have injuries, then NO lawyer will take, since lawyers don't give a crap about car damages, only injuries. If injured, then, when you settle with his insurance company, the lawyer will take 33% of YOUR settlement, since that is how they get paid.

Only time you need a lawyer, is when the other company disputes. But if no dispute, they pay, so no need for a lawyer.

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