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Do I need a lawyer to get my record purged in PA?

When I was 22 I got arrested for "prohibited offensive weapon" or M-80's as they call them in the real world. It's been 11 years and I would like to get my record purged. I live in Pennsylvania, do I need a lawyer to make this happen? Please no "opinions" or what you "believe"...

Answers (3):

1. Odd Job
Your question comports poorly with your claim to be a high acheiver. You asked a question the answer to which clearly depends upon your level of knowledge and skill, and then demanded a "true legal answer."

Having identified yourself as an idiot, it is hard now to claim you are a genius. I agree with Anita. Hers is the only possible correct answer. You can successfully act as your own lawyer if you are bright and you know the law. Otherwise, no. The fact that you asked the question suggests rather strongly that the answer is no.
2. ?
Some people can do this without a lawyer. Making an estimate as to your education and your level of intelligence from the snide nature of your question, I conclude that you could not.

This is a true legal answer.
3. midnyteryder1961
First I would talk to a clerk of court and check online legal help sites, if none of that worked, then I'd contact a lawyer for a consultation.

As with everything else in the American legal system, the quality of legal representation you get will be directly proportional to the amount of money you spend.